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Photo: Courtesy of Hotel San Cristóbal

Photo: Courtesy of Hotel San Cristóbal


Tired of watery eyes, pollen-induced sniffles, and shortness of breath as you lift that suitcase packed to the brim with antihistamines? Travel can be distracting from life’s everyday woes, and these dry desert destinations have all the makings of a dream holiday retreat for anyone suffering with allergies. From Tel Aviv to the Australian Outback, each of these destinations offers glamorous views and tranquil surroundings, all in one very breathable package.

Utah, USA
Becoming one with nature has never been as elegant as Amangiri. The resort is built into the nestling embrace of Utah’s multitude of canyons with a color palette to match the surroundings, so it’s hard to know where the property ends and the natural rock begins. Immerse yourself in nature’s design without fear of watery eyes.

Australian Outback
A trip to Australia in itself may feel like an escape, but Longitude 131 truly embodies the independent spirit with its distant yet impressively situated location inside Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The spiritual heart of Australia is enough to revive even the most blasé traveler.

Desert Hot Springs, California
For those with a discerning taste for design and culinary experiences, The Lautner is an ideal retreat. The resort bills itself as a cross between a hotel and a private residence, with guests having free rein from the private kitchen to outdoor showers, all designed by legendary architect John Lautner.

Jodhpur, India
Feeling blue is the mood du jour at The RAAS Jodhpur in India’s Blue City. Set underneath the towering Mehrangarh Fort, this former haveli calls to mind the glamour of the Rajput style blended with top-tier modern amenities. A night in their heated pool with a twinkling view of the fort overhead is a enough to forget your hay fever back home.

Baja Califorina Sur, Mexico
With two new additions to the luxury hotel landscape, there has never been a better time to visit Baja. The Grand Velas Los Cabos features suites only, with each room offering a glimpse (and the cooling breeze) of the Sea of Cortez, while the Standard and Bunhouse Hotel’s new property San Cristóbal (pictured here) exudes Mexican serenity and minimalist calm.

Tel Aviv, Israel
City escapes might not seem the obvious choice when struggling with allergies, but Tel Aviv’s dry climate is the perfect backdrop to The Norman Hotel’s Bauhaus design. Embracing the 1920s and the city’s architectural influence, it’s the details that make this hotel memorable. Retreat to the Library Bar for a classic nightcap, sans the Claritin D.

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